I feel like I’ve been gone for months! Life certainly has changed over here. I am tied down to the couch breastfeeding the little one what feels like 90 percent of the day. I struggle feeling like nothing is ever getting done around the house (my nesting has continued postpartum..) but I have to remind myself that feeding my child is the best thing I can be doing at this time. She is almost 2.5 weeks old so we’ve made it this far!

She really is a sweet little thing. She is normally a very calm baby though she has had a few fussy days lately. We are learning her, and she is learning us. Thankfully she is a doll on any roadtrip or anytime she is in her carseat. So she lets us enjoy dinners out which is wonderful.

I will post Laurel’s birth story (hopefully) later this week. Josh goes back to work tomorrow so I’m a little anxious about doing this all on my own. I have gotten use to having him around the last two weeks. Plus, we have Hurricane Irma on her way right towards us. It should only be a tropical storm by the time it hits us tonight but we could still get some impressive winds and rain totals.

August favorites, huh? August feels like a complete and total blur if I am being honest. We waited what feels like forever for Laurel to join the party and now that she has I can’t remember life before. But I do happen to remember some things in August that I loved!

Meeting Laurel/Giving Birth/Not Being Pregnant Anymore

Excuse the, I was just in labor and pushed out a baby, tired face.

I feel like this is an obvious one, but had to say that meeting my daughter was definitely one of the month’s highlights. Along with the fact I’m no longer pregnant and I’m feeling like myself again. I remember thinking that I’d be really sad to not be pregnant in a weird way. Nope. I’m not. Very thankful to not be! That extra week of being pregnant did me in. But seriously, giving birth is a wild ride but I’m hella proud at myself for doing it. You really do respect your own body so much more after going through labor. It’s amazing what we as women are capable of!


This is a new show on Netflix that Josh and I have been pretty interested in. It stars Jason Bateman who I really like and Laura Linney. It’s a show all about money laundering, drug dealing, and escaping to the Ozark’s in Missouri which struck our curiosity since we lived right near the Ozark’s in Missouri for 9 months. We have like one episode left I think, but it’s pretty good!


This is a Christian duo (two guys named Shane) who I heard of a long time ago and liked some of their stuff. I just rediscovered them and I’ve really been enjoying the encouragement and beautiful music. They have an album called The Psalms where they sing Psalms of the bible. I particularly enjoyed listening to this album in the pregnancy waiting period.

IdealLean Protein 

I’ve just tried out some new protein powder, and I have to say I’m impressed. I love the idea of a protein shake, but when it comes down to it, let’s be honest, ¬†I typically hate the taste of most protein powder. I heard about this brand, Ideal Lean, and how it is specifically created for women. A serving of protein contains 0g fat or sugar and no carbs. At only 80 calories and 20g protein, it’s a pretty good macro deal. Also, it tastes better than most proteins in my opinion. Still has a tad of a protein aftertaste, but I was pleasantly surprised. I bought a sample pack of four different flavors so I could try several different ones. I almost always make my shakes with skim milk and ice in a blender. So far I have had the Peaches N Cream, Strawberry, and Chocolate Brownie and they were all good! I even got a shaker cup and a workout face wipe with my order! They have some pretty good back to school sales right now, so go check em out!

Better Oats

You all already know my love for all things oats and oatmeal. Well the love has not died but I have found another way to eat oatmeal. Better Oats 100 Calorie packs have been a go to of mine. I love that they are portioned controlled and made with flaxseeds that are full of health, and have 25g of whole grains. I will admit the first time I had these I wasn’t sure how I felt about them. The packets have a fill line that you can use to measure the amount of water to add to the oats, but I found it was not enough water for me so I don’t use that anymore. I think that is one reason I didn’t like them. But now I like them! The 100 calorie packs come in Maple and Brown Sugar, Apple and Cinnamon, and Cinnamon Roll. I can only find Maple and Brown Sugar so that is what I’ve been eating.

Leon Bridges

I’ve been loving listening to Leon Bridges. He has a mix of “retro soul” and “Mo-town sweetness”. I first heard my favorite song of his, River, on a tv show and I had to look up who sang it. I found him and his album. His music is calming and something I love to put on to tune out.


Only Josh would have a spyglass to snoop on the slow moving golfers ahead of us!

Or should I say caddy(ing?). Josh has gotten super into golf the last month or so and so I’ve been forced to hear about it. Just kidding. Kind of. But I’ve actually enjoyed learning about it. The idea of watching the Golf Channel would have been laughable a few months back, but now that I have learned some about it, it is actually somewhat interesting. Still kind of can’t believe I was out on the golf course with him in 90+ degree heat, but I really enjoyed spending one on one time with him out there and driving him around. Everyone likes driving a golf cart..

Whelp, I’ve got a baby that wants to eat constantly, and a tropical storm on the horizon, so I better get my butt up and start preparing! I hope all of you in Florida and Georgia stay safe!

I’ll be back soon!