Happy almost Halloween!

Josh and I are huge Halloween people as I have mentioned. We have most of our decor up. Whatever isn’t up yet is just not going up at this point. Outside we have a Beware wreath, pumpkin door mat, gravestones in the grass, and hands coming up out of the ground. We also have a spooky green strobe light shining on the house. Inside we have a candelabra as our dining room centerpiece and spider web placemats. We also have a big Frankenstein head on our mantel along with some cute Halloween signs. I love getting in the spirit though as long as we are living on a military post they don’t give you much storage space so I’m not living up to my full holiday spirit potential. Someday..

We are falling down on the job when it comes to costumes this year. Not sure Josh or I will really dress up but we did (last minute) get Laurel an outfit. We had limited time and options (cause we lazy) and ended up getting one of the few options that would get to us on time and would fit her. So she will wear Anna from Frozen coronation dress. Hope it fits!

Ummm..how many of you have had Halloween candy before Halloween? I sheepishly raise my hand. We bought two big bags way too early because obviously I do not have the self control to not open the bags. I’ve plowed through some Heath bars, Kit Kats, Rolos, and Reeses. Busted. Good thing Halloween is here because this candy needs to GO.

I think candy calories really sneak up and “trick” you. They are such small, innocent little pieces of chocolate. How bad can they really be for you?

After all, they are fun sized! Unfortunately, they add up quick. One piece leads to four. And once you’ve mindlessly eaten four, whats another handful. I find that large amounts of candy makes it harder to turn down. Something about the variety of Halloween candy and the way it is so easy to grab out of that big black cauldron that I just can’t resist. Ugh.

But you know what? Halloween is the first of the many calorie ladened holidays that are just around the corner. It starts with Halloween candy, then comes Thanksgiving, then Christmas parties and get togethers, then Christmas itself. Then the celebration that is New Year’s Eve and then the dreaded New Year’s Day when the guilt sets in. It’s such a cycle that so many of us get trapped in. Food centered everything and then going into the new year feeling like crap. How about we not do that this year?!

Let’s not get overwhelmed. We will take this one holiday at a time. Let’s start right here at Halloween. We don’t HAVE to eat every piece of candy that looks appetizing. Guess what? It will still look appetizing to you tomorrow too. Sometimes I feel like I think, “if I don’t eat this right here and now it won’t be here tomorrow”. Food is still good tomorrow. It won’t just disappear. It’s not an all or nothing situation. So take a deep breathe, and know that eating all the candy you want tonight will not make for a good tomorrow. I get so tired of the same ole story. Eat healthy all day, then night comes and so does my evil temptations. I give in and then wish I hadn’t the next day. Now it isn’t always bad and I don’t always feel guilty. I know I preach a lot about being kind to yourself and not feeling guilty about food. But I’ll be honest, it still happens to me too. I’m not perfect.

It especially happens when I eat too much candy. So. Back to our game plan.

You know the easiest way not to eat Halloween candy? And no, I will not say “just don’t buy it”. That’s no fun and then the kids in the neighborhood will think you are a real buzz kill and guess what, you would be. Instead, buy kinds you don’t like. Novel idea huh? Our instinct is to go out and buy our most favorite candy. But what if all you had laying around was candy you are only mehh about? It might change things up.

Then, pick your favorite candy out of your not so favorite candy. Do you dream about all things Twix and only kinda like Snickers? Then skip the Snickers. Mad about Twizzlers but so so about Swedish Fish? Then DON’T eat the Swedish Fish! I find myself eating things I don’t necessarily care about when they are laying right in front of me. Be picky!

Then allot yourself a certain amount you feel comfortable eating. So three pieces will satisfy your craving but four will make you hate yourself in the morning? Then STOP at three. It may take a little figuring out how many makes you feel naughty. But once you figure it out, stick with the right amount for you. I feel like in the back of my mind I know when I start going overboard. I get that little voice in the back of my head saying, “oohh Lindsay, girl, you naughty”. And I think, oh well, I guess I am today hehehe. Then about 30 minutes later I’m mad that I ate it. So stupid. You’d think we’d learn from our past eating “mistakes”. But it just doesn’t always compute in the moment.

My last Halloween candy tip is to just give some of it away. Of course (I hope) the plan in buying it was to give it away to trick or treaters. So now you are dealing with the “unfortunate” aftermath of leftover candy. If you really are having a hard time sticking to your allotted amount and are feeling bad about yourself every morning, get rid of it. Take it to the office. Surprise your neighbor’s kid with more candy. Do whatever you have to to not feel sabotaged. I am no advocate of throwing perfectly good food away, so avoid wasting it, just get it out of your sight. You could even put some away and save it for a later date. A lot of people love putting chocolate candy in the freezer (It is also a good “out of sight, out of mind spot”). Then when you are having a chocolate craving in the future, you have a chocolate stash waiting for you. Hooray!

I hesitate to ever write food advice posts because I feel like it can be a touchy subject. As I said, I really advocate for a healthy mind set around food, and not being overly strict or obsessive about it. So don’t read too much into why you “shouldn’t” eat candy. Quite the opposite, I think you should! It is not evil nor will it totally derail your diet. But just be aware of how eating it, and how eating how much of it, makes you feel.

Well, now that Halloween has almost come and gone it time to start taking turkey! Bring it, Thanksgiving! Stay safe this Halloween and I hope you get more treats than tricks!