You should be proud of me. Here I sit on yet another rainy day, done walking on the treadmill watching The Vampire Diaries for an hour, just had lunch, and got thisssss close to taking a nap, but NO I hadn’t blogged yet so here I am. I rarely felt tired during the first trimester but man, I’m already trying to stay awake every day in the third. Everything just takes so much effort to do it wears me out!

Our weekend was pretty uneventful. We did our usual; gym, errands, dinner out. We actually went out for Mexican food with our neighbors who have a 6 day old (plus a 5 and 2 year old). I was pretty impressed that they are still doing what they want given the child situation and it gave me hope that having just one baby will not totally wreck our social/dining out life.

Josh and I made our 1,468 trip to Babies R’ Us and got a few more things for the nursery. We also put up all the decor we hadn’t put up on the walls yet. It looks so good!

As I prepare to have my life forever changed, I’ve really been thinking about how having a baby will effect my gym life. The fact of the matter is, it will. And yes, it bums me out, especially since I’ll actually be on a weight loss mission but I’ll just have to figure out other ways to get a workout in.

Thankfully, I have been working out at home for years, so it will not be a new thing for me. In fact, dare I say I prefer working out at home most days of the work week. After training in a gym all day I just want to get home and not stay to work out more (though sometimes I do). As you know, I mainly rely on Youtube for my at home workout videos. And I love it because it is like having a personal trainer and I hardly ever repeat a workout. There are SO many out there.

I love that I can just throw on my ugly workout shorts, my sports bra with the shot elastic, and throw my hair in a ponytail and call it good. There is no sense in impressing my cats. It is also a good option for those that find the gym intimidating (though don’t let that stop you for long!).

To workout at home you really don’t need much equipment at all to get a good workout in. In fact, the majority of the videos I do are body weight. But here are some of the accessories I have on hand to enhance my at home workouts:


This is a pretty obvious one, but it is a good idea to have some free weights on hand. I recommend having a few different weights so that depending on what you are doing you can go lighter or heavier. For example, I have 5lbs, 12lbs, and 25lbs. I suggest starting with a medium weight if you only want to buy one pair of dumbbells. Also, yard sales are great for picking up a cheap pair of dumbbells! you don’t want to make the purchase (though out of all the equipment, I most suggest this one) then you can always use soup cans, water bottles, or water jugs to mimic weights.

Ankle Weights

These really make me feel like Jane Fonda but they are great to add to a workout! The ones I have were handed down to me from Josh’s grandma, so I bet you can find snazzier looking ones than I have 🙂 You can strap these puppies on for any workout, but I particularly like them for glute exercises like donkey kicks, fire hydrants, kickbacks, etc. But if you want to do a Hiit workout with ankle weights on be my guest!


These are so easy to store at home. Such a small thing can bring on such big pain. These are the best for core movements but I also utilize them for some leg and arm moves. They are really cheap, so they won’t set you back at all. If you want to find an even cheaper way to do it, you can always use paper plates, though from personal experience they like to crinkle up and you can’t use the same ones for too long. I like to get the ones that work for hardwood flooring or carpet so that no matter where I am they will work! These are so easy to pack on a trip and get in a quick workout!

Resistance Bands

This is another small piece of equipment that really add an extra oomph to your routine. You can add these to a ton of different exercise to feel the burn more. I like them for lunges, low squats, and lots of mat, pilate type moves. They are perfect for low impact exercises.

Yoga Mat

If you workout on carpet you may not need a mat, but if you are like me and don’t always trust the cleanliness of your carpet, or you workout on hardwood floors, then a mat is a must. You don’t have to spend much at all on one either! Hit up TJ Maxx or Marshalls. They always have really cute mats for under ten dollars! More mat cushion gives you extra comfort for the pushin!

Stability Ball

I feel like everyone has a half deflated exercise ball laying around their house somewhere. Oh, just me? Well blow that baby up because you can really use it! Stability (or Swiss) balls really come in handy for lots of moves, especially ab moves. You can always search Youtube for specific videos using these balls. If you don’t have one, don’t want one, a pillow can be used in lieu of several ball moves!


Chances are pretty good that you have a chair at home. Now if that chair is sturdy enough to stand on may be another story. But if you are lucky enough to have a sturdy chair, you can implement it into your workout; Step ups, elevated push ups, elevated planks, bulgarian split squats, etc. Yet another “freebie” exercise accessory you didn’t even know you had in your house!

Ab Wheel

I do not currently have one of these, but I want to get one as soon as core moves are back on the table. Turns out doing crunches when your almost 30 weeks pregnant doesn’t work. The ab wheel is another small, inexpensive piece of equipment that travels well and stores easily. There is not a ton of variation in what you can do with an ab wheel, but the one thing you can do is pretty brutal.

That is all the equipment I use on a regular basis to get pretty awesome workouts at home. We do have a whole weight set, bench and pull up bar in our “garage gym” but we have yet to really use the garage since we moved to Georgia. We really hope to get it all set up soon though since that will be a good option once baby arrives. That can be a whole separate post!

Don’t let anyone tell you that going to the gym is the only way to get fit. I have looked and felt my best after doing some home workouts. I know people who have trained for a bikini competition solely from home workouts. Heck, I know someone who trained for a marathon and ran 26 miles on a treadmill in their house! It is possible!

So whether you just want to mix up what you do and do some home workouts along with your gym routine, or you want to save some money and do away with your gym membership, or you are in the same boat as me and know that the gym is just not going to be as convenient anymore, give sweating at home a chance. Yes, it may take a little more motivation on your part to put on your shoes and get moving, but once you get started you’ll be so happy you did!