So far today has gone pretty well seeing that it is the first day back to the grind. Josh had a four day weekend for MLK day this past weekend. It is so wonderful to have him home. Sleeping in with him (he usually gets up at 5:15am) is so nice and drinking coffee (though he is more of a mimosa kind of guy lol) and leisurely getting up is fun. Though on the normal weekdays I may not really have much going on, but I try to be really productive with my time and actually don’t let myself be lazy at all. I make myself get up and get going cleaning the house and starting my workout. But on the weekends I let myself relax a little more.

Anyway, I digress. This weekend was nothing special but we found little ways to have fun. Most of them revolved around Laurel. (Sorry this is about to get heavy on baby info. and pictures!). They say you won’t be able to remember what you talked about before having kids and I may be guilty of this. But she is at a stage of growing so fast physically and mentally. It is so fun to give her a toy and have her react to it. Someone gave us a Leap Frog toy that is a dog that sings and talks and Laurel LOVES it. It’s personalized to say her name and her favorite color (pink), animal (Josh won this, and food (bananas). It’s really a fun toy and I haven’t gotten too terribly sick of the songs..yet.

I swear, she waits for me to bring it out in the morning. Then she gives the biggest smile! We also got her a bouncer this weekend which was probably the biggest thing we did haha. She really likes it!

She doesn’t like being left in it too long but she temporarily she is all about it. I think it overwhelms her a bit since there is so much going on, plus she doesn’t totally know how to play with all the stuff yet. But she has given us a few good bounces. She is eating solid foods one time a day before bed. So far we have given her bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, green beans (a no go), prunes, and peaches. She likes everything except the beans but I think bananas and sweet potatoes are her fav. She makes such a mess but yet she’s still cute.

As far as adult things, I’m still on my Live PD watching kick, so I sat back Saturday night and drank some sangria and watched that. Ah, the simple things in life.

Today I was thinking about exercise and self respect. The two really go hand in hand. Obviously, you can overtrain to where exercise is doing your body more harm than good, but for most of us normal people, exercise is a form of self love. Your body, whether you know it or not, craves activity. It wants to move. It was made to move. The polite thing you can do for it is give it that action it deserves. We were not meant to sit around all day. Unfortunately, many of us have jobs that require us to be sedentary for eight hours a day. Though there are standing desks available most will have to sit. And that is understandable. There are always ways to move though. Stand up and stretch and get that blood flowing. Make a point to get up and walk to the bathroom once an hour or so. If you are drinking the amount of water you should be you probably won’t object to this!

Just like eating good for you foods and taking a vitamin, exercise is important for your health. Make it a part of your day like it is an extenuation of your job. I can’t believe I just spelled extenuation correctly on my first try. Go me.

Even Laurel is getting in her planks!

You only get one body. Treat it right. Movement is so important. By moving you are loving your body. In that moment when you are trying to convince yourself to workout when you don’t want to it may seem like exercise is what your body doesn’t want. But usually it is what our mind doesn’t want, not our bodies. You have to convince your mind to do it. Your body is ready to go unless of course you need a rest day.

So next time you are tempted to skip out on a workout, just remember that physical activity is something your body craves, needs, and wants. Show yourself some love and respect and MOVE!!

None of this was probably new news to you, but it was just on my mind. Hope it got you thinking! Next post will be about some new snacks I’ve tried out recently! Woohoo for snacks!