Happy New Year! I hope 2018 has started off wonderfully for you and that you had very happy holidays. We had a great Christmas. We first headed to South Carolina to see my family. My nephews got to meet Laurel for the first time. Wyatt had a fever so he didn’t get too close but Colt got in some snuggles.

We went to the awesome light show in my hometown like we do every year. It’s so fun! We ate lots of yummy food and I loved family time as always.

Then we headed over to Florida. We spent Christmas morning there and Laurel got spoiled with so many fun toys and cute clothes. I swear, she is more fashionable than me now! Check out this bikini she got! Can’t wait for summer for her to wear it!

That fin!

My mother-in-law got all of us Christmas morning pajamas. Josh was Daddy Elf, I was Mommy Elf, and everyone else’s shirt was their relation to Laurel. It was such a cute idea.

A few gifts that I got were a Ninja Blender which I am excited for to make smoothies sans ice. The one I have now still leaves ice chunks in them which is no bueno. I also got some fancy make up, workout clothes (Lululemon!), a fancy rolling pin I’d been wanting, a DNA kit to tell me my ancestry, new Under Armour shoes I have to take back because my normal size was strangely way too big, and a beautiful bar necklace with the latitude/ longitude of the Summerall Chapel where Josh and I got married engraved on it. I absolutely love it.

While in Florida we went to Downtown Disney or now Disney Springs as it is called and shopped around and got dinner. We went to T-Rex Cafe which was so fun. Laurel seemed to love it! Every few minutes the dinos roar and make noise and it scared her at first but then she got into it. There was also a big aquarium that she was very interested in. The waiters took forever to come to our table so we said something to them and then they were like bowing down to us. Gave us free chips and queso and a free Chocolate Extinction, a $20 dessert that feeds four but the five of us couldn’t even eat it all.

Other people were coming over to our table to take pictures of it..it was that fancy.

We spent New Year’s Eve in Atlanta with my sister-in-laws family. They are the best. We went to Topgolf and then back to their beautiful house where we enjoyed a delicious home cooked meal. They made grilled chicken, cedar plank grilled salmon, asparagus, potatoes, salad, and sinful espresso brownies. YUM. Surprisingly, we made it to midnight. I don’t think anyone planned on it but we did. Go us.

Now were officially back to normal life. I’m glad to be home, but I got use to having helping hands with Laurel. We’re on our own! Speaking of Laurel, she tried solid food for the first time this week. So far she has had baby oatmeal, pureed bananas, and apples. The oats and bananas were a hit.

The apples she still ate, but didn’t seem to like them as much. She makes a huge mess but it is fun to feed to her. However, her diapers are not as much fun to change..oofta.

Changing diapers may not be my favorite thing but I do have several favorites for December! Like that transition?? Here is what I am loving.

Morning Star Crumbles

I’m a fan of most meatless options. I could easily be a vegetarian. I have been a fan of the Boca products for years and I am enjoying Morning Star foods as well. I tried these meatless crumbles as a substitute for ground beef in a vegetable beef soup the other week and it as so good! The texture of it is “meaty” and satiates the want for meat. I had leftover crumbles and made a very bro-ish meal of the crumbles over rice (it just sounded good) and it was actually really good. I’ve also bough the Boca version of the same type of thing to compare the Morning Star ones to. We will see which one I like better!


Between the cold weather and not sleeping through the night for the last four months, coffee has been my dear friend. I look forward to it every morning. I’ve also been making some decaf at night some. There is just something so comforting about a warm mug o’ joe. I pretty much always buy Dunkin Donuts brand coffee. Specifically their bakery series. My latest favorite is Cinnamon Coffee Roll. I also have the Caramel Coffee Cake flavor right now but I don’t love it as much though it is still good. My all time go to if I can find it is the Old Fashioned Donut!


Since I’m continuing to try and get in some protein, I’ve been all about some protein smoothies. My go to smoothie is very easy. I am loving the MyProtein Cinnamon Roll protein. I throw in a scoop of that, about 50g of blueberries, 1/2 cup almond milk, and some ice. Blend it all together and you’ve got a high protein, delicious smoothie! I love these post-workout. It’s always good to get in some protein after strength training!


Dumb tv favorite of the month. I got into this show quick and binged it pretty hard. If you don’t know, it is a show based around the the Archie comic books. Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead…they are all in the show. I use to love those comics so I think this is a fun idea. The drama is a little silly and the show is definitely meant for teens, but I’m still enjoying it. It revolves around a good murder mystery so it is hard to stop watching!


This one is ridiculous but I’m about to buy stock in it. The postpartum hair shedding is so real. It’s really annoying to be honest. Not only is there hair everywhere and always ticking me, but it clogs up my shower drain. So I have to go buy Draino. Thankfully it is super easy. All you do is pour half a bottle down the drain and let it sit for 15 minutes and then run hot water. Just like that and you are not standing in 3 feet of water in the shower anymore!


Shutterfly has been getting a lot of business from me lately. Laurel pictures are a shoe-in for gifts, so I have made mugs, picture prints, photo books, desk cubes, and tumblers with her face on them. Shutterfly ships quickly and always has a good sale. I have rarely seen the site not having a 30-50% off sale. I will say some of the printed pictures I got weren’t the best quality which I was surprised about. I would still give them a go again though. They have so many neat gift ideas on their site.

I’m going to wrap this post up. I truly hope you had a wonderful holiday season with friends and family. Start off this new year on the right foot. Be open minded to new things. If there is something you wish you’d do, go do it. If eating crappy food makes you feel crappy, stop. Incorporate more whole foods in your diet. Drink less alcohol and more water. Stop doing workouts you hate and find ways to move that you enjoy. Don’t be the person you think others want you to be. Be the person you are. Love harder. Stand up for yourself. You’ll be happier. Promise.