I sit here on my bed at 8:45pm after just getting out of my second shower of the day (GA humidity) and completely unsure if I could possibly go into labor and leave for the hospital in a matter of minutes, hours, or days. It is weirdest feeling! For all I know I could meet my daughter tonight. I’m such a planner that this period is killing me, but I’m trying to stay distracted and continue to be productive. It’s just so strange having no control over the next foreseeable weeks! It is good for me, I’m sure.

Definitely a watermelon in there.

Today I distracted myself by waddling on the treadmill for a bit, having my friend Jackie over, and going to an FRG meeting. For those of you who don’t know military lingo, FRG stands for Family Readiness Group.

It is typically overseen by the commander of a unit’s wife who organizes fun events for the soldiers and their families, organizes fundraisers, and most importantly gives a point of reference for families when husbands deploy. FRG’s tend to have a bad rap because they are not always run very well, and have the reputation of being “catty”. I will be taking over my husband’s FRG as of November and I’m a little nervous about it because I am not the best at that kind of thing, but I hope to have one of the other wives help me out. I will have more downtime on my hands with a newborn (I think?) so it may be perfect for giving me a purpose and structure to some of my days. We shall see!

Though I am currently not getting in the best workouts of my life does not mean you shouldn’t be! So I figured I’d take this blog back to its roots and share a fat blasting superset workout for you to try. I’ll give myself some credit…some days I can still muster the energy to get some HIIT moves in. I was doing some jump squats the other day but I have to take lots of breaks and it is not pretty. Go ahead..picture a 9 months preggo doing squat jumps. HAH.

HIIT is so good if you want a quick, effective workout. Some days we want to get in the gym and get out and not make it a huge part of our day. I’m sure this will be how I am feeling here very soon. That is where the beauty of supersets and HIIT come in. Supersets is the term used for doing two moves back to back and repeating them. I like to do two opposing muscle groups. That is another way to get done fast. For example, do a back and then a bicep move. Repeat. Then a chest and tricep move. Repeat. Quads, then hamstrings. You get the idea. Then, before you know it you have completed a full body workout in no time.

If you want to really get in an awesome workout, add a plyometric (HIIT) move in between the super sets. So do your two muscle moves, then thrown in a plyo to really get that heart rate up without dedicating 30 minutes to the treadmill after. Here is a routine I wrote up for you!

*HIIT Superset Workout*

  • Bent-Over Bench Row (back)
  • EZ Grip Bicep Curl (biceps)
  • Jumping Jacks (plyo)


  • Chest Press (chest)
  • Overhead Tricep Press (tricep)
  • Burpees (plyo)


  • Upright Row (Front Delts)
  • Bentover Lateral Raises (Rear Delts)
  • Jump Squats (plyo)


  • Weighted Goblet Squat (quads/butt)
  • Romanian Deadlift (hamstrings)
  • Lateral Hops (plyo)

For optimal resutls, repeat 3x!

I like this workout because you don’t have to move all around the gym. It is a pretty stationary workout. Grab a bench and some dumbbells and you can pretty much stay in your “corner” and do this without trying to find a ton of equipment or machines. If you are not familiar with any of the moves, I always suggest taking advantage of the world wide web and image searching it.

I hope you find some time to fit in a sweat session today and feel great about yourself. Don’t waste any brain space worrying about your body. Train hard, eat things that are good for your body, and focus on the important things in life. Living a healthy lifestyle is just a way to enhance the wonderful life you already have!