Hi there!

Hope you had a great, relaxing long weekend over the Memorial Day holiday. We went back to Florida and we were quite productive! Josh needed to renew his driver’s license and I needed to get a Florida license. So we got up super early Friday morning and drove there. I got to tell you, there is something to getting up at the crack of dawn and and getting a big drive out of the way. It feels so good to have an extra half a day there!

Then on Saturday, my mother-in-law Cami and my sister in-law Kendall threw me a baby shower! It was such a sweet, special day.

They went above and beyond with decor, food, games, and just little special personalizations. The cake was quite a sight to see and was delicious too.

We played Baby Jeopardy, blindfolded diapering, and guess my waist size! It was really fun. I got a lot of great, practical gifts. Baby girl is racking up! One of my favorite things at the shower was personalized pink M&Ms with some saying Baby Hester, some with her initials and some with her first and middle name. They were so cute but I won’t post a picture yet since we are waiting to reveal her name!

Also for my pregnancy update, I am officially in my third trimester at 28 weeks. I am still feeling really good! Still working out everyday and my energy levels are normal. I have an appointment today and will start having to go see the doctor every two weeks instead of every four weeks now. Cannot believe that she’ll be here in 12 weeks! Ahh!!

On Sunday we went out on the boat on the Indian and Banana River. I finally got a little bit of a tan but also burned. Womp womp. Jimmy was a little weary of the boat ride, but in time I think he really liked it. He was awfully cute all cuddled up to us.

So with Memorial Day weekend comes the end of May. And with the end of May comes a May favorites post 🙂 I have lots of food  favorites this month seeing that I am a pregnant woman who loves food. Here goes!

Caramel M&Ms

Speaking of M&Ms. Guys. These are life changing. If I see them, I buy them. They have been my road trip go-to. They remind me of a Milk Dud which is one of my other all time favorite candies, but they are less “choky”. I always choke on Milk Duds but that is probably also due to the fact that I have no self-control and insist on putting in more than one in my mouth at a time. These are new but I think they are pretty easy to find now and are not limited edition!

Al Fresco Sweet Apple Brats

Wow, I am craving one of these bad boys right meow. We fell in love with a pineapple brat in Kansas but cannot find them anywhere here in Georgia. So we have had to do without for a while, but these sweet apple brats are the closest thing I have found to the pineapple ones. They are sweet and juicy and just so, so yummy. They really aren’t bad for you either. They had a couple other flavors I will have to try, but this one sold me. Put these puppies in a potato bun and slather it in ketchup…oh man. You won’t be mad. I am going to the grocery store to get more today!

Just Chocolate Edible Cookie Dough

Josh and I found this at Target and had to grab it. Josh is always trying to eat all the cookie dough when I make chocolate chip cookies and I swat him away 1. because I need the dough to bake and 2. Salmonella. But this dough is eggless so we just grabbed a spoon and ate away. It is so good! And the best part? You don’t have to deal with the oven!

Korean Food

I already mentioned this in my last post but we have really been enjoying Korean food. As I said, I’ve tried a spicy ramen and bibimbap and Josh usually goes for the bulgogi. We just love trying all the sides that come with your dish called “banchan”. I’m not a huge fan of spicy food, but most of the Korean spicy I’ve tried has been bearable. I really like kimchi (fermented cabbage) and all the other sides. Yum!

Kimmy Schmidt Season 3

I may have mentioned this show before, but Josh and I just love it. It’s on Netflix. The characters are all hilarious and the humor is such quick wit. We find we want to watch each episode twice to catch all the funnies! Titus Andromeda is by far my favorite character. He did his own version of Beyonce’s Lemonade and all I can say is it is pretty funny. So go binge watch it.

Crosswords With Friends App

So call me an old lady, but I Iove me a good crossword puzzle. So of course I’m loving a crossword app. It isn’t too hard which is one of my annoyances with some crossword puzzles. It is stimulating for your brain and easy to do in the car or while half heartedly watching tv. Download it!

Unlimited Data

It’s a given that this is a good thing, but we had never had it before. We decided to try it out since we were paying about as much for not unlimited, and boy has it been nice. I can convince myself to get on the treadmill much more easily when I can watch anything on Youtube or Netflix to help the time pass. Since we have been traveling so much it has been nice to not worry about going over too!

So there you have it! I’ll be back this week with some Second Trimester favorites so lots of good things coming at you this week.

Have a great day!