Hi friends! Yay for February! My favorite month (after December). Why you ask? It’s the month of all things pink, chocolate, and buttercream. Yes, this month has a flavor and it is buttercream. Valentine’s Day and my birthday are in the same week as is my dad’s birthday and then my big sister Meredith’s is the following week. So there is lots of love, chocolate, and cake. Love it! Also my birthday falls over President’s Day weekend so Josh get’s a 4 day weekend. Woohoo!

Last night was the Super Bowl and we went over to some friend’s to watch the big game. We had lots of fun eating junk food and watching the game and Justin Timberlake rock the halftime show. I made these football brownie bites. Being the impatient baker that I am ( and trying to get to the party on time), I couldn’t let the brownies cool and so the icing wasn’t as easy to put on and they don’t look cute as neat as they could have, but I still think they are cute. They sure are tasty!

I’m hoping this week is better than last week. Last week was just a long, boring week. I don’t know if it was just the last week of January is never the best or what but man, it felt like three weeks in one. Hoping this week is faster/more fun. I have a few different things to go to this week. I’m going to try out a couple new women’s bible studies on post and hope to meet some new friends there. One of the girl’s at the party last night also invited me to PWOC, or protestant women of the chapel. It meets at the church her on post and has childcare (something I’ve never had to worry about until now!). So hopefully that will be good.

Moving on to the exciting part of today’ post: Muscle Oats.

Have you heard of something called “Proats”? It is basically just adding protein powder to your oats. Oatmeal is a great source of carbs and fiber, but is lacking a little in the protein department for a full meal. You Fresh Naturals product, Muscle Oats, fixes that issue! Not only are they high protein oats, they are perfect for an on the go meal!

I was sent three flavors: Sticky Cinnamon Roll, Brownie Batter, and Cake Batter.

The nutrition facts differ a little on them but they range from 230 to 300 calories, and all contain 20 grams of protein! Woohoo! Get them gains!

The first one I tried was the Sticky Cinnamon Roll.

The instructions for all of them in the microwave is to shake the container of oats, add one half cup of water, and stick in the microwave for 45 seconds. I think for all of them I ended up adding 15 seconds or so. Then you are to let it sit for one minute to settle. During the minute the oatmeal goes from too liquid looking in my opinion, to just the right consistency. Be patient!

The Sticky Cinnamon Roll oatmeal surprised me by having pecans in it! Beware if you are allergic. I didn’t see that on the package beforehand. It is in fine print! Thankfully no allergies here. My first thought was how much I smelled and tasted cinnamon. Makes sense. Their are quite a few pecans in their that add a texture factor, but I don’t love pecans in anything, including my oatmeal so that did nothing for me. I can taste an underlying protein taste but it isn’t terrible. The cinnamon is a little over powering though. Wasn’t super impressed with my first try and would not buy this flavor again.

Next I tried the Brownie Batter.

I noticed big chocolate chips mixed in with the dry oats. Yum! I popped this guy in the microwave just like the first. Once it was done I could tell this one was going to be delicious. That plus the fact that this one had a lot more fat and calories! And I was correct. These oats are DELICIOUS. They were a decadent, creamy chocolate treat. It was like dessert in a bowl. Basically just picture melting lots of chocolate in oatmeal and that is what this this.

They got it right with this one! This is good enough to eat for dessert!

Last I tried the Cake Batter. Figured this one could go either way since I had a hit and a miss.

Fortunately for me it was another winner. I will say I didn’t get a whole lot of cake batter taste, more of just a yummy sweet flavor. I almost got more of a white chocolate flavor. Maybe because this one had white chips mixed in with the dry oats? I may have mind tricked myself. Either way though these were really good and I inhaled the bowl.

Forgot to take a picture of the oats cooked (looked like normal oats with a few white chips), but I did get the nutrition label.

Overall I am really happy with these high protein oats. I love getting in 20 grams of protein with a small, sweet, tasty snack or meal. The fact that they are so convenient for an on the go lifestyle is a real plus. I could see once I start working again how much I would enjoy them. Since all you need is water and a microwave, you could feasibly make these at work or anywhere you have microwave access!

Thank you again to Muscle Oats for sending me these to try out. Go find them on all social media @youfreshnaturals. Lots of things to other tasty snacks on there from these oats, to muscle butters, to high protein popcorn!

Until next time,