Oh hi. I’m still here. Apparently baby is quite content sitting in her uterine apartment. I, on the other hand, am so ready to get this show on the road. I’m officially past my due date, antsy and bored.

I feel like the longer I have to wait the more ok I am with the idea of the most painful experience of my life, but I also start overthinking things.

As of now, if little girl does not come on her own I will be induced next Wednesday, August 30th. They would have done it Monday or Tuesday but unfortunately for me, they are all booked those days. So..that’s that. A little bummed but just trying to coax her out on my own.

There are so many old wives tale type methods of inducing labor naturally. So far none have worked for me, obviously, but I haven’t been super consistent with any of them until this week. The most common ones you will hear are:

Walking I walk all the time! As I’ve mentioned before, Netflix + Treadmill = My happy place.

Walking Up Stairs I also use the stair stepper often. I took a break from it for most of my pregnancy, but for some reason I’ve been really loving it as of late.

Red Leaf Raspberry Tea

I have used this but I don’t love herbal teas so I don’t think I’ve even finished a mug full. I like teas I can add milk and sugar to!


Nipple Stimulation

Bounce On A Birthing/Exercise Ball I’ve been sitting on my ball and bouncing away while watching tv. Beware, after a while it gives you a headache. Oofta.

Evening Primrose Oil

I just started taking this several times a day starting this weekend. You can take the pill orally or vaginally. I’ve mainly taken them orally, but am starting to try the latter. Just poke a hole in the pill and up’sy daisy.

Castor Oil (I’ve been very tempted to give this a go since the percentage of people who claimed this worked for them is so high. There is something called Midwives Brew that has almond butter, castor oil, lemon verbena tea, and apricot juice. Women swar by this mixture. I was pretty impressed at how many women really did go into labor within 2-12 hours after drinking this. Alas, castor oil comes with the lovely side effect of explosive diarrhea. It is a straight up laxative. The idea is that the laxative will cause you to have contractions. I don’t know about you, but the only thing that would make going into labor a more miserable experience would be uncontrollably pooping everywhere. That is not a way to make friends with your nurses.

Drink Wine

I’ve only heard a few people suggest this and as much as I would like to try this one, I also heard it can have the opposite effect and prolong labor AND I just don’t feel super comfortable drinking while pregnant. I made it this far without my Moscato, I can wait to have my first glass after she is born to celebrate.

Stripping Membranes Yet another unpleasant pregnancy medical term. I have had this done at my last two appointments. Basically your doctor just sticks their fingers up your girl zone and swipe their fingers around in hopes to separate the bag of water from the uterus as well as releasing hormones that begin the labor process. It has a bad rap as being very painful, but thankfully I don’t find it to be too bad. It is not any worse than a normal pap smear. Didn’t work last time but crossing my fingers this time may get something going!

So at the end of the day my main option is to be patient. I feel like I’m going to be pregnant forever, but I know that is silly. Just a week and a half at the latest until we meet our little one!

In the meantime, Josh and I have actually had a really good time together, enjoying our last few days as a twosome. This weekend we went golfing. I played the role of caddy and drove the golf cart which was actually really fun though it was in the mid 90’s. I’m so ready for fall. I feel like golfing would be so much more enjoyable in cool weather. Josh is actually really good for re-learning how to play. He even got a birdie on one of the holes.

After golfing we wanted to go on a date night and worked up quite an appetite.

We went to one of my all time favorite restaurants, Mellow Mushroom. Love. We were so hungry that we ordered their bruschetta for an appetizer.

We have had it once before and really like it. I need to remember bruschetta as a fancy seeming appetizer to take to a friend’s or event. It was so yummy! We also got two personal sized pizzas to share. We got their white pizza and their BBQ Chicken pizza. We have had their BBQ Chicken one before but it was not as good as I remembered it. I would stick with the white pizza next time.

On Sunday we decided to keep our golf theme going for the weekend and went to an indoor putt putt place here in our town. I was slightly hesitant to go because any standing for long periods of time is not fun these days, but I am so glad we went. We had so much fun! It was really nicely done. The same place also has a movie theater, laser tag, an arcade, and a roller rink. Kids heaven. We topped off the night with the latest episode of Game of Thrones and called it a weekend.

Today was the big eclipse day. Josh made a eclipse viewer out of a diaper box since we never did get the glasses.

They are nowhere to be found in our area anymore. We were also were able to see the sun/moon through a colander. Here’s a pretty cool shot of the eclipse that brave Josh took without glasses. I feel like my eyes have been burning this afternoon but I think I’m just psyching myself out.

It only (supposedly) got to about 90% more totality here in Western Georgia, so never super dark, but it was very neat to experience! We also missed out on the Krispy Kreme Eclipse Doughnuts. They were selling “dark” aka chocolate glazed doughnuts from Saturday to today (Monday). We didn’t get them, but my dad did and he very much approved of them. He decided that the best way to eat them is with your eclipse glasses on 🙂

So through the impatience, we have found lots of fun. I can’t imagine the idea of another weekend sans baby, but we will wait if we have to!

Hope you have a wonderful start to your week!