Happy June!

It is officially summer for all the kiddos, it is hot as crap, and I’m craving a beach. Good thing my family is going on our annual beach trip to Cherry Grove, SC next week. Josh and I haven’t been able to go the last couple years so I’m excited to be with everyone on vacation again.

Since I last posted on Monday, I have been to FOUR different doctor appointments (it is now Thursday). I’m so glad we live so close to the hospital I’m going to because when you are pregnant you have to go all the time. Tuesday was my normal OB check up and I got to hear baby girl and also had to get a TDAP shot (basically what helps prevent whooping cough for bebe). Then they informed me that I had to come in the next morning by 9am to get my blood drawn and then come back in the afternoon to get the RhoGam shot. That shot is for women who have a negative blood type. I get the shot because if my baby is a positive blood type, my body may think it is a foreign body and try to attack it. It is really more of a concern for the second baby. Shots do not bother me at all. It’s so weird because drawing blood is so anxiety producing for me, but I could get shots all day. But OMG this shot was a doozy. It was a honker one that felt like a wasp sting. Unfortunately I have to get it again right after giving birth. Oh well! I’m ready to stop getting poked and prodded.

The one fun appointment I had was a 4d ultrasound! It is so cool how much detail the 4d can get.

Of course she was being sassy and was over it and had her hands and her feet in front of her face for like 90% of the time we were there. But I still got to see her cute face! Made me more excited to see her for real in just a few weeks!

So now that I am officially in my third trimester it is time for a second trimester must have’s post. The second trimester is full of lots of changes. It is when you start to grow and get a nice, round belly and people can tell you are pregnant. It is kind of nice realIy since you definitely feel pregnant, you might as well have others in on it. I have lots and lots of things that I have been enjoying for the last three months, but these are what stand out 🙂

Second Trimester Bump Box

So Josh was a dear and got me the second trimester bump box too! It was such a nice surprise. In it was some nice pampering kinds of things. It came with some eye masks, a really cute water bottle, some belly butter to rub on your stomach in hopes of reducing stretch marks, a lactation cookie, and bath salts.

Belly Belts

Well now I am full blown in maternity clothes, but when I was in that annoying in between stage, belly bands were so helpful. They are basically just pant extenders. You loop the band around you normal jean button and it gives you extra space! You can buy them in different sizes so that it grows with you and you can wear your normal pants for longer.

Spring Valley Prenatal Gummies

I have tried out a lot of the prenatal vitamins on the market, and these Spring Valley gummies are by far the best. I had some other gummies that I liked for a while, but after a few weeks of them they started making me feel sick. These have yet to do that! They really just taste like candy. In fact, it is hard to just eat two. Makes me want Sour Patch Kids all the time.

Pea In The Podcast

I have so enjoyed this podcast! It has an episode for every week of your pregnancy and really breaks down what baby is up to, what mom is experiencing, and more details from an Obsectrician. It has been really helpful to know what symptoms are normal and what to expect. It also gives you a countdown of how many weeks you have left at the end of every podcast and it literally gives me chills every time!

Bio Oil

One of my clients recommend this product to me and swore that it works to prevent stretch marks. Like any other vain girl, of course I loathe the idea of getting in of those pesky scars, so I have been slathering this oil all over for the past few months. And so far so good! I’m pleased to report no marks! I have already almost used up the whole bottle so I need to go ahead and order another!

Pinkblush Maternity

I have to admit, I’m pretty horrified at the lack of maternity clothing options. You can’t hardly find them in any stores so you only have online to shop. And since this is the weirdest time to try to find things that fit your ever growing body it is a guessing game about what will look good on you. The online store PinkBlush has had some of the cutest things I’ve been able to find. I will say I have already had to send a dress back because it made me look as big as a barn (which I am) but I have purchased another dress and a delivery robe that I just love. They have sales pretty much constantly, so never buy anything until it is 20% off because it will be the next day!

Once Upon A Child

This store is so great! It is a second hand store for all things babies. It totally makes sense to have one of these since babies use (some)things for such a short period of time. You can buy onesies for $1 and some of them still have tags on them from nice stores like Carter’s. I refuse to spend a fortune on baby clothes that they will only wear for a matter of a couple months, so this store is perfect. They also have toys, books, strollers, and lots of other baby accessories. I plan on selling some of my stuff to this store when we don’t need it anymore.


I don’t know if it is just because it is 90 degrees outside already or because I am pregnant, but I have been craving fruit. Particularly bananas, apples, blueberries, cuties, and grapes. I think I am also often dehydrated so for some reason that makes me want refreshing fruit. The little one needs lots of good nutrients and fruit has a lot of those, so I am glad it sounds really good (especially since fruit’s sister the vegetable does not…).


I feel like I keep mentioning oatmeal, but I am on a real kick! Which I am so happy about since it was a no no during my first trimester. I started using real oats instead of the pre-packaged maple and brown sugar oats. And honestly I like them so much more. I measure out 1/3 cup raw oats, add in the water, cook it, and then add in Splenda brown sugar and whatever topping I’m feeling that day…blueberries, raisins, bananas, granola, or heck, even chocolate chips. Yum.

Organizing The Nursery/Baby Clothes

Now that we have gotten most of our furniture (everything except the glider) I’ve been spending more time in the nursery organizing things. I have washed all of her adorable clothes in Dreft (baby detergent) and put them all in her dresser drawers. All we really have left to do in there is put the decor on the walls! I really love her room. It’s nice and sunny and so very pink 🙂

So I apologize to all my readers who are not pregnant/have no interest in pregnancy related things but maybe you can tuck away some of this info for when it is relevant to you!

Hope you have a wonderful week and weekend!