Aka, the longest blog title ever.

Oh, maternity clothing. I have been so unimpressed with you. I figured in this day and age their would be a plethora of maternity boutiques and chic, stylish clothes that would make every female drop an egg and want desperately to have a bump just to wear them. Ok, i’m exaggerating, but seriously, what the heck, America. The world of maternity clothing needs some serious work.

It’s a part time job to figure out where to get bump covering clothes. In my opinion you have two routes to take: 1. Buy maternity specific clothes or 2. Go up in size in normal clothing stores.

Maybe I’m just ridiculous and didn’t do enough of the latter, but most normal clothing is just not made to fit a pumpkin sized stomach. Even if it isn’t too tight, it just isn’t long enough and shows under-belly. And let me tell you, nothing is worse than under-belly.

So what’s a preggo to do? And where is a preggo to shop?

Well, I have to admit, it has been and is a work in progress, but I did scope out a couple stores and brands that have been a tremendous help for these nine months. Here are a few that I recommend:

PinkBlush Maternity

I can’t say that I ever actually had total success here, so maybe I shouldn’t be recommending. But it does offer a large selection of large clothes. Hah. It is an online store that has normal human sized clothing and maternity. They do have a ton of cute stuff. I find it a little hard to gauge what will look good on a pregnant belly without trying it on, but unfortunately online is typically your best bet for selection. I ordered two dresses from PinkBlush and..well I sent them both back. The first one was an A line dress that I bought early in my pregnancy not knowing how big I’d get. Well, it looked like a bag on me. Not a flattering shape for me. The second dress I bought in hopes that it would be a good baby shower dress and sadly I never got quite big enough for it to look right on me/also the style wasn’t the most flattering. So I don’t think either of my bad purchases were the company’s fault, more my fault. Since I just sent one of the dresses back (by the way they were flexible with me about returning it past the 30 days I was suppose to do it..so kudos to them for that) and I got store credit so I will be making a third purchase. Probably going to get a non-maternity outfit to treat myself for pushing a baby out my front door.


This is a strange company to me but I got one of my favorite maternity tank tops from here. I guess they are a third party seller so they are selling at a good price. They add new clothing on every day and then take it off after a few days so you gotta be on top of your Zulily game. They have a lot of $15i-sh dollar tank tops. They also sell a good bit of PinkBlush on their site so it is very likely you could find a good deal from them on here. The only thing I’ll say about this site is that since they are third party sellers it takes forever to get your package. They notify the company of whatever you buy and they send it to Zulily and then Zulily sends it to you. So I want to say it took almost 3 weeks to get my package. When your pregnant and wearing the same darn two shirts every other day this is a long time to wait. So just know that. But otherwise I was very happy to know about this company.

Motherhood Maternity

This is basically the only maternity store I can find in my area (or really anywhere else). But, I have to say, I’ve been pleased shopping here. The first time you inevitably go in at like 5 weeks pregnant when you are still tiny you’ll be appalled and think you’ll never fit in any of this, nor do you want to. But trust me, you’ll be back. A lot of the shirts I ended up buying did not look anything like what I would typically gravitate to on a shopping trip, but once you have a big enough belly to be wearing the shirts they are actually really cute. It’s kind of weird. They have awesome sales here too. Definitely sign up for their emails because I got a ton off via their coupons. Also, if you are going to be pregnant during the summer like me go here for maternity bathing suits. I got two super cute ones. They were originally only 30 something dollars which is a steal for a bathing suit as it is, but then with one of my handy dandy coupons I got it for $17. HOLLA. The ladies working here are always super nice and eager to help you figure out sizes with bras etc.

Calia by Carrie Underwood

Ok my workout ladies. This one is for you. This is the brand I am most happy to share with you. I am so, so happy to discover this brand. I’ve known about it for a while but it is perfect for expecting mothers. Carrie Underwood made a clothing line that is sold online and at Dick’s Sporting Goods stores. I love it! So many pretty floral patterns and other unique looking exercise clothes. If finding maternity clothes wasn’t challenging enough, finding maternity workout clothes is like looking for the holy grail. You can’t find it. But Calia has non-maternity clothes that very much work for le bump. This shirt specifically has been a lifesaver. I had already bought one shirt from this line early on in my pregnancy but then my friend Jackie lended me some of her maternity clothes and she had three of these shirts in my loot. I LOVE them. They are the perfect length and flattering. None of the colors I have are currently out but maybe they add new colors periodically? I also love treating myself to some of the Calia accessories. Accessories become your best friend when your belly is huge. My head is one of the only things on my body that is still the same size so you know your girl has been all about some new headbands! I have several of them and also a cute black hat that I figure will come in handy on those days I am taking the new mom bad hair days seriously.

Old Navy

Old Navy in general runs big in my opinion so this may be one of those stores that you really could just go up a size or two and be fine. They have a decent maternity line but not every store carries it so your best bet is going online which as I already stated, can be risky. They do have a workout clothing selection online that I looked into but never did purchase anything. I have, however, lived in their normal workout shorts. Amazingly, these still fit my big butt and hips and have been worn an ungodly number of times in the last week. They have lots of good sales so you can’t beat the price!

Target/Gilligan and O’Malley

Oh, Target. How I love you. You have your bathroom right at the front entrance, your popcorn smell makes me salivate, and those darn one dollar bins. I also love you because you have a maternity section. I bought several tank tops here that I really like. Nice and soft and cheap. They are best for basics. They also have a new(?) line called Gilligan and O’Malley that has lots of cute things including nursing bras, tanks, and pajamas. Their non maternity pajama sets are SUPER comfy and cute and I’ve been able to wear them pregnant. Target seems to be pretty spot on size wise online, so would not hesitate to buy online here. You can always go in store, figure out your size, and then shop. PS., if you have not jumped on the RedCard and Cartwheel bandwagon, DO IT. You won’t regret it. The RedCard is a debit card so no credit card scam. You get 5% off every purchase. And if you download the Cartwheel app, they have tons of deals on there that you can load onto your phone and then have them scan at checkout for more money off!


I’ve lumped all these stores together because I did not personally end up buying anything from them, but they do have a maternity selection. I was given a couple shirts from Gap that are some of my favorites, so I guess I can recommend them but the Gap in my area does not sell anything in store. Online has some really good looking options. The other stores look to have some good stuff online too!

Should we take bets on how many times I just typed the word “maternity”. Sheesh. Not much longer though! I seriously cannot wait to be able to shop in some of my other favorite stores again! I think God really does make pregnancy last nine months so you are WANTING to go into labor. This mama is ready to get the show on the road. I want to meet my baby and hold her in my arms instead of my stomach..she has beaten me to pulp the last few nights kicking so hard. Josh and I keep trying to lure her out by talking about all the toys we have for her!

I’m starting to research all the old wives tales on how to induce labor. I’ve started drinking raspberry leaf tea, and I’m walking every day, Not sure what to think about the Castor Oil idea that some of my friends swear by. Apparently it empties you out (if you get my drift) before it empties baby. I think I’ll at least wait until my due date when I’m super desperate to try this one!

Hope all you mamas and future mamas got some good ideas of where to shop for maternity clothes! I still think the market is lacking in this department, but we do what we can. Maybe this made it a little easier for you!