I am excited to introduce you to our newest family member, my daughter, Laurel Claire Hester.

She was born August 25, 2017 at 3:43pm weighing 6lbs 11oz and 20 inches long. She is perfect! We are both doing great.

PS. Saying daughter sounds so weird.

We are so in love with little Laurel. She is such a good baby. She sleeps most of the day, and yes, we are up in the night but she is already sleeping through more of it.

I can’t get enough of snuggling her and just staring in her big blue eyes. I know they will most likely turn brown but I am holding out hope!

Jimmy is very unsure of everything but he is coming around to her.

I am going to write up a whole sappy post about my birth story but right now I am just soaking in this special time with my new family. Regularly scheduled posts to come!