Hi ho hello.

Hope you had a fantabulous weekend. Do I always start my post saying basically the exact same thing? Meh.

We did have a great one. We have and will continue to travel a good bit in the coming weeks so having a weekend to lay low at home was nice. Friday night we went to our second Korean restaurant here in Columbus. We had never had Korean food but went the other week and really enjoyed trying something different. This time we went to one where they grill your meat in front of you.

Josh ordered the Bulgogi beef and I got Bimbibap which is a rice dish with mixed veggies, bulgogi beef, and an egg on top. I opted out of the red pepper paste because the ramen I got at the first Korean restaurant was super spicy and I’m kind of a spice wuss. It was all really tasty. The beef was so good. It is nice and shredded and has a sweet taste. All the fun side dishes they bring out are interesting to try. Lots of pickled things. I wish I had gotten more pictures, but when food is in front of this preggo, that is all I can focus on. We love trying new foods!

We also made a little more headway on the nursery. We bought the rest of the changing table supplies we needed and even bought our first box of diapers…wow.

This is really happening. I can tell diapers are going to be a pretty costly new expense, but I’m not really down with the cloth diaper idea even though I know a lot of moms swear by it. I just can’t wrap my head around scooping poop out of a diaper into a toilet. I want as little poop contact as possible. But who knows, maybe when I got no more diaper money I”ll reconsider.

The rest of our weekend included two gym sessions, a big thunderstorm, church, another semi fail shopping trip for maternity clothes, and grilling out while watching another Orlando soccer match. Not half bad!

So last summer I discovered this website called BzzAgent. It’s a really cool, no strings attached company that sends you products to try out and then you review/promote the product either by word of mouth or social media. Your girl loves her some free stuff so I opted in. Unfortunately I think I missed my first package right when we moved from Missouri. So someone in Missouri, if you got my free frozen pizza, I hope you enjoyed it. Since then, I received a second freebie.

These are V8’s V-Fusion Energy drinks. I have never been a straight up tomato juice V8 girl, but I do really love their fruit juices. The fact that most of them has a serving of fruit and veggies really sold me since I try really hard to get those micronutrients in. Plus, for many of you out there, energy drinks are what give you life in the morning. They contain 80mg caffeine, so more than a soda, but less than coffee to put it in perspective.

I swear, one day I’ll get better at photography…

The flavors I got were Peach Mango, Pomegranate Blueberry, and Orange Pineapple. I went out and bought the Diet Strawberry Lemonade myself with my own moneys.

*Since I’m preggers, I am largely staying away from energy drinks, so I did not drink all of any of these, but I definitely took a big ole sip of them. Josh got lucky to get the majority of the drinks.

The first drink we tried was the Diet Strawberry Lemonade. It is described as “a strawberry and lemonade flavored juice beverage with an 8% blend of five vegetable and fruit juices from concentrate with green tea extract and other natural flavors”. The can is only 10 calories.

It tasted just like the name! The stronger flavor of them all, but really tasty strawberry lemonade. The fact that it is the “diet” version was unnoticeable to me. It was super refreshing and tasted just like a can of lemonade! It felt like a healthier way to get in some energy than other energy drinks(cause it is). The fact that I get in those fruits and vegetables, even if a very small amount, is a added benefit.

The next flavor I tried was the Blueberry Pomegranate. I always love blueberry things but I can be on the fence about pomegranate. This drink is 50% fruit juice, and contains one serving of combined fruit and vegetable juices. It also has the green tea extract and is an excellent source of B vitamins. Woohoo! This is not a diet drink and contains 50 calories a can.

I really liked this flavor too! It is a very mild flavor but still fruity and sweet. The pomegranate flavor did not turn me off at all..I think I tasted more blueberry than pomegranate or maybe just a really good mix of the tow. It really does taste like a juice more than the typical very fizzy, pungent energy drink. I really liked that. I didn’t try this till afternoon time so I did not finish the can, but I would have if it had been morning/not pregnant. Recommend!

The next flavor was Orange Pineapple. The stats are exactly the same as the other flavor: 50 calories a can, 80mg caffeine, one serving fruits and veggies, etc. Ok, I have to be honest here and rat Josh out. He grabbed one in the morning before work without letting me try it or snap individual pictures of it! I’m not mad..poor guy had to get up super early. But I have to give his honest review. He really liked it! He said it, “had a smoother flavor than other flavors he has had and was heavier on the orange than the pineapple. Overall, it was the most drinkable flavor”. So there you have it. Straight from the horse’s aka hubby’s mouth. He may be a more talented reviewer than me. He told me he wanted me to add this flavor to the grocery list to buy again!

The last flavor we tried was the Peach Mango. Same everything as the other flavors. And it was another hit! A very light but delicious peachy mango flavor. That’s such an in-depth description, isn’t it?! Ok, I apologize, obviously by my fourth energy drink description I am not super creative. It’s a very tasty way to start off your morning…or night if you like to live on the wild side.

I really like that these drinks provide energy, but not such a massive dose you feel like you’re rotting your guts. They have added health benefits unlike other popular energy drinks. I love, love that you get in a serving of fruits and veggies. It feels like cheating in a good way. Most of these come in 6-packs, so you can have one every morning for a work week. They are also cheaper than drinks like Monster or RedBull that are incredibly expensive. So I definitely recommend going to your local store and picking up a pack! In the meantime, check them out online HERE. Enjoy!

Talk to you soon!