This is a momentous moment…for several reasons. For one, I got the baby down for a her crib. Hallelujah. It’s been a fight the past few days as we’ve been attempting to get Laurel to nap and sleep in her crib at night. Babies get so use to being on you or at least right near you when they sleep so leaving them alone in their room is NOT okay. We’ve gotten her down the past two nights for part of the night in her crib and then move her back to our room when she wakes up to eat. We’re taking small steps but so far we’ve had some luck so that is good

Secondly, dinner is already a cookin..and it is only 3pm! Josh and I just bought a new kitchen gadget that cooks meat, eggs, vegetables and other thing perfectly. It is called the Anova Precision Cooker. The basic idea is you put whatever you would like to cook in ideally a vaccumed sealed bag but just a ziploc bag works too. You fill a pot with water, submerge the bag of meat, and turn on your cooker. You set it to the right temperature and it will cook it just right. My brother-in-law Logan got this for Christmas and has been raving about it ever since. We made chicken in it last night and it was some of the most tender, moist (sorry) chicken I’ve ever had. I was really impressed! Tonight we’re having steaks and carrots made in it too. I’m not a big steak person, so we will see if this thing sells me on them. Here’s a picture of it below. I had a hard time understanding the concept of it at first but now that I do I really like it!

The third reason this is a momentous moment (besides the fact that the baby is still sleeping) is that I was able to take a shower and wash my hair. I have to admit, since becoming a mom I haven’t had hair washing as much as a priority as it once was. TMI maybe, but it’s true. For one, I am not working so it doesn’t matter as much. Also, finding a time that little miss Laurel is okay with me taking a shower is trickier than you might think. So having all of these three things done right now is worth noting.

It’s the new year and everyone has new goals. Two of the most common goals are weight loss and starting up a workout routine (and sticking to it). The two go hand in hand. Starting to workout will of course aid in weight loss. But one of the big problems people will run in to other than not having time, is not enjoying the workout. This is partly due to boredom. People get stuck in a rut with their routine, and never branch out to try new things. They get so sick of the same ole same ole that they just stop their workouts all together. Don’t let this be you!

There are so many different workouts, different ways to workout, and different methods to try. It isn’t good to do the same thing everyday mentally or physically. Obviously mentally you get bored and physically your body gets use to the same workout and isn’t being challenged anymore.

You need some variety in your life. Here are my tips for getting just that.

Vary the time of day you workout. Usually do it in the morning? Try afternoon. And vice versa. I know for some their work schedule dictates their workout time but you could give it a whirl one time and just try it out. Or try it on the weekends. Pay attention to how your body responds too. It is interesting to see the difference that morning or night can make on your enjoyment of the workout and also how you feel during the workout.

Develop a program. Sometimes boredom is created by having no structure. Knowing what day you are going to work on what body part or what day you are doing strength training vs. cardio spices things up and prepares you for the workout. You know what is coming and what you are trying to do, all you have to do is do it. Plan it out advance. If I am feeling in a rut, I’ll grab a pen and just write out some moves that I like, haven’t done in a while, or are focusing on the part of my body I want to work. It makes the workout a lot easier.

Set goals. Like how a program helps structure your workout, goals help achieve them. Set something specific and attainable. Put a time stamp on it. Pick a date you want to see whatever goal you have accomplished. Etch that date in your mind. Put it on your calendar and then work for it.

Switch up your rest day. Sunday is a popular day people take off from the gym but who says you have to always do that!? Try varying it up. Open up your Saturday to sleep in late instead of your typical spin class. Or maybe one day during your work week is extra busy this week. Take that day off. You don’t have to stick to the same thing week after week. I think some people get so nervous that they might mess up if they switch something up. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Worst case scenario is you wish you hadn’t or the workout doesn’t happen. In that case, lesson learned, taking that day off doesn’t work for you. Now you know and you won’t do that again.

Try a new class. Sometimes working out with other people gives you the extra motivation you need. Also, knowing a class meets at a certain place and time may help get your butt out the door. Classes are nice because someone else is telling you what to do instead of trying to create a workout on your own. It’s like a mind rest day! It’s succinct time that you can block off and dedicate for a workout and then move on with your day instead of putting it off and dreading it for hours. It’s also a great way to meet a new friend who probably has health goals of their own!

This last one may seem silly but really works for some. If you can afford it, get two different gym memberships. I have a friend who has three or four! I wouldn’t want to pay for that, but I get it. I am blessed to access to several different gym on the military base I live on that I can workout at for free. It’s nice because every gym is different and some are better for different workouts. One gym I love for cardio, one I love for weight lifting, and one is a good machine gym. You may live closer to one gym that works out better for your early morning, before work’s sweat sesh but you wouldn’t mind driving further on the weekend to a different gym. It is something you could consider short term. See if it helps!

Variety really is the spice of life. A boring workout is no fun. Keep it fun to keep it going. I hope these tips may help you keep your 2018 resolutions going or just help you get out of a rut!


Until next time!